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Stephanie McCabe has been a member of Dr. Swain's team for  8 years. Stephanie is a Certified Natural Health Consultant with an Honours degree in Sociology from Nipissing University. Stephanie is our office manager and will make sure that all our patients have a positive, efficient experience on each visit to our clinic.  

Stephanie believes in taking an active role in one's health, and in the bodies incredible healing potential. Her philosophy is "healthy by choice not by chance" and she is dedicated to helping all our clinic members achieve a higher level of spinal health and wellbeing.

Stephanie enjoys gardening, fishing, paddling, rollerblading and reading.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I came to Dr. Swain with left sided sciatica that would not go away. I had tried pills and physio, had x-rays and a CT scan but nothing help. Dr. Swain diagnosed a disc herniation and began Flexion Decompression therapy, within a week my pain was 50% better. By 3 weeks I was pain free and getting back to my life!"
    LL North Bay, ON
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Swain for about 15 years. I first came for my children but Dr. Swain noted stiffness in my neck. I can now turn m neck to both sides easily with little stiffness. I consistently recommend Dr. Swain for chiropractic car to anyone experiencing stiffness and pain."

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