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Dr. Mark Swain - Chiropractor in North Bay, Ontario

Dr. Mark Swain is a North Bay chiropractor who has served North Bay and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. As a father of four, he knows the importance of preventative healthcare and has helped guide hundreds of families towards a proactive approach to health.

Dr. Swain uses chiropractic care primarily to improve the level of spinal health and over all performance in his patients. {Dr} Swain takes an integrated approach in chiropractic care, which means looking for and correcting, if possible the underlying causes of discomfort and pain. Also, by providing education and home care patients can move from pain to prevention.  Many seemingly unrelated symptoms can arise from imbalances and stress in the spinal column,  {Dr.} Swain will  determine the cause of your pain and create a personalized chiropractic plan to suit your individual needs and goals. Under the supervision and skilled care of Dr. Swain, patients and their families often report better health and higher functioning in all areas of their lives.

Dr. Swain earned his Honors degree in Physical and Health Education from Laurentian University and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  He has also completed a three year Fellowship in Sports Chiropractic and has been certified in Cox Flexion Decompression Technique, Active Release TechniquesImpulse Adjusting and Mckenzie  Method.  Dr. Swain continues to attend professional education and certification programs in chiropractic techniques, injury prevention and treatment for musicians, spinal injury prevention and rehabilitation, posture, ergonomics, and proactive health practices.

Dr. Swain developed the Turn Your Health Inside Out programs and has presented them throughout the North Bay and surrounding areas. He is the wellness instructor for the North Bay Symphony String retreat, and has been a guest lecturer at the Canadian Ecology Center as well as many other forums.

Dr. Swain is a member of the North Bay Symphony Orchestra, an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast, marathon canoeist and musician.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have participated in chiropractic care for a little over a month now. When I first arrived, I had severe lowback pain. On a scale of 1 - 10, I was a 15 in terms of level of pain. I found Dr. Swain to be professional and informative. His chiropractic skill and equipment have helped me to become virtually pain-free. His staff and workplace provide a pleasant and educational place to get help. I strongly recommend Dr. Swain without hesitation. If you need chiropractic care, come to Dr. Swain's clinic like I did!"
    G. Meadows
  • "I came to Dr. Swain with left-sided sciatica that would not go away. I had tried pills and physio, had x-rays and a CT scan but nothing helped. Dr. Swain diagnosed a disc herniation and began flexion decompression therapy. Within a week my pain was 50% better. By three weeks I was pain free and getting back to my life!"
    LL North Bay, ON
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Swain for about 15 years. I first came for my children, but Dr. Swain noted stiffness in my neck. I can now turn my neck to both sides easily with little stiffness. I consistently recommend Dr. Swain for chiropractic car to anyone experiencing stiffness and pain."

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